Update on Nicole Kidman book

I’ve just finished writing my book about Nicole Kidman for a new BFI/Palgrave series on film stars edited by Martin Shingler and Susan Smith.  It’s an in-depth study of her commodity stardom, covering her celebrity activities as well as her film work and exploring new scholarship about screen performance. I’m looking forward to choosing the images!

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Film Moments

An interesting new book from BFI/Palgrave focusing on key moments in film:

edited by Tom Brown and James Walters
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New blog on fashion and film

Rapsodia satanica 1915

I’ve set up a new blog exploring the fascinating relationship between fashion and film:

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Sofia Coppola article now online

Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette'

Pam Cook, ‘Portrait of a Lady: Sofia Coppola’, Sight and Sound 16 (11),

November 2006, pp. 36-40.

This article is available as a PDF. To download, click here.

(with thanks to the British Film Institute)

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